Holy Trinity Church, St. Andrews

linked with Boarhills & Dunino

A Parish Church of St. Andrews

Introduction: Everyone has the right to feel safe and cared for in the Church. Safeguarding ensures that the risk of harm and abuse is as remote as it can be with policies and procedures for everyone to learn and to put into practice. Protecting children and adults at risk from harm is a permanent and necessary part of Church life. 

Safe Recruitment: The church has a safe recruitment policy for all those working with vulnerable groups. Work is defined as ‘work of any kind’ including paid and unpaid that is NOT done as part of a personal relationship or arrangement.

Working with children and protected adults: The church recruits children’s workers for regular activities like Sunday school and Little Cherubs and for events like the summer holiday club. The church also recruits for our Pastoral Care Befriending Group who visit those who may be lonely, ill in hospital or unable to attend church anymore. All paid and unpaid workers receive mandatory Church of Scotland Congregational Safeguarding Training.

Congregational Register: The Church congregational Register lists the names of all individuals who work for the church. They need to successfully apply for a Protection of Vulnerable Groups (PVG) Scheme Record with Disclosure Scotland, and also be approved by our Kirk Session.

Risk Assessments: All church activities require a risk assessment. This includes guidance information on the correct ratio of worker to children, but also things like food allergies, age appropriate snacks, avoidance of trip hazards, even where to put a baby gate! All eventualities are considered to make the activity or event safe and enjoyable.

Key Person – the Church Safeguarding Coordinator: A Safeguarding Coordinator is formally recruited and appointed to act on behalf of (not instead of) the Kirk Session, to help to ensure that the Safeguarding Act, i.e. the instructions, recommendations and legislation relating to Safeguarding practice in the Church, is implemented. The churches key safeguarding message is ‘If you suspect or witness harm or abuse, or it is reported to you, you must immediately report it to your Safeguarding Coordinator or line manager’. A Safeguarding Coordinator completes additional Training and has the support of the Minister and church Safeguarding Panel as and when required.

Holy Trinity Safeguarding Coordinators:

Steve Watson – Mobile 07730 449 664 Email : stevewatson321@icloud.com

Moira Stewart – Landline : 01334 461270 Email : prespray26@gmail.com

Holy Trinity Safeguarding Panel Members: Mrs Sheila Blair (Boarhills & Dunino Church), Mrs Shona Jarrett, Mrs Moira Stewart and Mr Steve Watson.