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Angel Tree Project 2021 Oruro, Bolivia

In 2007 Holy Trinity linked up with Churches Without Walls in Edinburgh and subsequently Latin Link. Since then Holt Trinity has supported the work of Latin Link in Oruro in Bolivia through Julie Noble who is part of their Latin Link American mission. Latin Link is an international community with a calling to love and serve God and our neighbour. Most members of Latin Link work in Latin American countries; some work with Latin Americans in other parts of the world. Others go from Latin America to work in Europe and elsewhere.

In that time through various fund raising activities (still on-going) more than £10,000 has been sent for her work with `Angel Tree Project` which looks after the interests in children who are held in prisons (because of the activities of their parent(s)) and also her work with CCU, a Christian teaching vehicle for young students at Oruro university.

Julie Noble describes a time and place for prisoners’ children to experience something very different to their ‘normal’ lives. It may be the only time they leave the city during the year, the only time they have their own bed, and the only time they are sure of three meals a day. For the children who attend, the annual Angel Tree Camp is something special.

This year’s camp – the 12th – was held just before Christmas at Sepulturas just outside Oruro, Bolivia, and had 41 children aged 4–13. Only 19 had been regulars at the Angel Tree Centre, an initiative that provides support for children of people incarcerated in Oruro prison. So this year there were many new children to get to know. The camp provides a space for the children to talk openly without fear of rejection as they are all living in the same situation of imprisonment of a parent.

The theme was ‘Big Heroes’, and the groups were named Joseph, Esther, Samuel and David. These groups prayed and learnt together. The theme song was ‘Jesus is my super hero’; the children enjoyed devotional times learning about why Jesus is our hero. There were also craft activities, competitions, games, singing and dance routines to Christian songs, a film and lots of food.

Funds and presents were given locally by friends and businesses. The children loved it all, though the food, dancing, the presents, finding spiders, games in the sand, and learning about God were highlights.

For more information, contact Ron Cruickshanks: roncruickshanks@hotmail.co.uk