Holy Trinity Church, St. Andrews

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A Parish Church of St. Andrews

“Whose we are and whom we serve”.

The Guild is a movement within the Church of Scotland which invites and encourages women and men to commit their lives to Jesus Christ, enabling them to express their faith in worship, prayer, and action.

Holy Trinity has an active Guild, but in common with other clubs and groups in the Church we have been unable to meet under the present lockdown rules. We have continued to keep in touch with each other and particularly to care for those isolating or living alone.

In normal times we enjoy fellowship with each other, every fortnight, when we meet for simple worship, to hear an interesting speaker or join in a fun activity. This takes place in the Church Hall, Queens Terrace every second Monday at 7.00pm.

Members of the Committee

Alison Johnson (Convener), Joan Archer (Secretary), Alison Wynd (Treasurer), Dorothy Cruickshanks, Sandra Givan, Nessie Meldrum, Rachel Rayner

About the Guild

We share in the life of the Church and we are dedicated to supporting Holy Trinity. Each year we make a contribution to its funds.

Every three years the Guild raises money for 6 carefully chosen projects in Scotland and overseas. During 2020 the chosen charities were: – ‘A Chaplain For Our Ports’ a charity that helps seafarers and their families with welfare and practical support and ‘Malawi Fruits’ that aims to lift hundreds of small scale farmers out of poverty. The projects for 2021-23 will be announced shortly.

Fundraising is an important activity, and we hold Fairs at Christmas and in the Spring.

We are a happy group of about 30 members. As well as our fortnightly meetings, we enjoy a programme of celebrations through the year, from Burn’s night to a Summer Outing to a Christmas party.

All members of the Church and the community are invited to join us. Visitors and friends are always welcome at our meetings.

For further information please contact Hon Sec. Mrs Bunny Slack by email: elizabeth.slack24@gmail.com