Holy Trinity Church, St. Andrews

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A Parish Church of St. Andrews

“One of the finest church organs in Scotland”

A first rate example of the work of Harrison and Harrison organ builders of Durham ,the instrument in Holy Trinity is still maintained by them It is a three manual instrument of fifty three speaking stops and has all the playing aids required of a modern instrument.

Throughout the years Harrisons have carried out various additions and improvements, the last being in 2009 when the instrument had a complete renovation It must be said that Harrison and Harrison have been responsible for the instruments in many prestigious churches and cathedrals throughout Britain including Westminster Abbey, Canterbury Cathedral, Salisbury Cathedral and Kings Coliege Cambridge and their workmanship is superb.

The extensive stop list giving various colours and variety of effect make this an instrument eminently suitable for the performance of all schools of organ composition.

It is impressive leading the praise and providing accompaniment for choir and soloists and makes an ideal recital instrument. Over the years, a number of eminent organists have given recitals on this excellent instrument.