Holy Trinity Church, St. Andrews

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A Parish Church of St. Andrews


For many years, Holy Trinity Church has had an enviable reputation for the quality of music in its services, a reputation which is still being maintained today. The choir makes a significant contribution to services and, in addition to leading the praise, sings an introit and two anthems at each service. It also takes part in a number of special services and recitals which are arranged from time to time

Their extensive repertoire extends from the sixteenth century to the present day and music is chosen to suit the various seasons of the church year and to reflect the theme of any particular service.

In addition to other singers, the choir has a number of choral scholars who are students of the University of St Andrews and they are admitted by audition. The scholars are supported financially by The Friends of Holy Trinity, and usually remain members of the choir throughout their time as students in St Andrews.

With an excellent organ and a fine enthusiastic choir, the standard of music in worship is assured.

During term time, the music at the 11.15am Traditional Service in Holy Trinity is led by a robed choir of some twenty singers. From September to June, the Traditional Service takes the form of a choral service including an introit, an anthem, and (at many services) a canticle or prose psalm. The choral repertoire reflects the finest music of the British cathedral tradition. The choir is supported by six choral scholars financed by The Friends of Holy Trinity. A creative attitude to new composition is also encouraged to which end Holy Trinity has a Composer in Residence. As such, Dr. David Gascoigne, in recent years, augmented the choral repertoire with several excellent new anthems and introits.

New recruits to the choir are always welcome and should contact the Musical Director, Walter Blair.

Choral Scholarships

Under the auspices of The Friends of Holy Trinity six choral scholarships have been established to support the choir of The Parish Church of the Holy Trinity.  Election of choral scholars is made by the Musical Director of Holy Trinity.  Able singers (of all voices) are invited to audition for these scholarships.

Scholars will be required to sing in Holy Trinity on Sunday mornings (practice ; service 11.15am) and for other occasional events during a period approximately from late September to early June, with flexibility to fit in with school holidays and university vacations.  Sunday morning worship takes the form of a choral service which includes an introit, an anthem, and (at many services) a canticle or prose psalm.

The scholarships comprise of:

  1. One Senior Scholar (£12.50 per Sunday);
  2. Four Scholars (£10 per Sunday);
  3. One Junior Scholar (£7.50 per Sunday).

The aim of these scholarships is: (1) to strengthen the choir of Holy Trinity and thus contribute to the beauty and significance of its worship; (2) to enable young singers to gain experience in choral and solo singing and to widen their repertoire by engaging in a broad and demanding variety of church music; (3) to contribute to the cultural life of St Andrews, Town and Gown, by taking part in occasional concerts and recitals; and (4) to offer young singers a rewarding and challenging role with an educational and social dimension.

Singers (Soprano, Alto, Tenor, or Bass) wishing to audition for choral scholarships should contact the Musical Director, Walter Blair.