Holy Trinity Church, St. Andrews

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A Parish Church of St. Andrews

The Guild is a movement within the Church of Scotland which invites and encourages women and men to commit their lives to Jesus Christ, enabling them to express their faith in worship, prayer or action. The Guild meets in the Church Hall approximately every second Monday at 7.30 pm.

Click here to download the 2015-2016 GUILD SYLLABUS

Office Bearers
President Margaret Lumsdaine  01334 473829

Vice President

Mrs Alison Johnson


Bunny Slack 01334 850669


Mrs Sararh-Jayne Cooper

Committee members

Mrs Joan Archer
Mrs Dorothy Cruikshanks
Mrs Sandra Given
Mrs Anne Harley

Mrs Jean Hope
Mrs Nessie Meldrum
Mrs Margaret McQueen


The Guild is an important organisation within the Church of Scotland. Nearly £ 1,000,000  is raised annually by the Guilds to finance allocated Church of Scotland projects.  For the  next three years these projects are:

Street Pastors .  Local Christian volunteers identifying issues on their streets, working with local authorities and the Police.   Street Pastors go out in all weathers, on one or more nights at the weekend.  The partnership with The Guild will allow an extensive training programme to be developed for the volunteers.

Breaking the Cycle of FGM.   Feed the Minds is an ecumenical Christian charity  that works in partnership with grassroots partners to deliver education projects that empower communities to combat poverty and injustices across the Global South.   According to the WHO over 125 million girls and women across 29 countries, including Scotland, alive today, have been cut. Committed to promoting a culture of change to ensure every girl can choose her own future and stop being innocent victims of this practice,  the money which The Guild members raise will help in the education of communities who are still tied into this culture.

All Friends Together (Welcoming people with learning disabilities into all aspects of church life and to build friendships with Jesus and with other church members).  People with learning disabilities have many gifts and talents to contribute to Church life, and in the community.   We as Guild and Church members can offer friendship and create confidence in these sisters and brothers.  All of our lives will be enriched as we get to know more about Jesus and each other.

Caring for Mother Earth in Bolivia.  Working with Christian Aid the money raised by The Guild will help over 700 families, to educate them about climate change and support them to build and use solar powered ovens enabling families to eat year round.  As a result of deforestation in Bolivia, coupled with climate change, communities who rely on the forest for survival are vulnerable, as crops flood and livelihoods are lost.

Haiti Project.  Mission International is a Christian missionary charity based in Dundee, founded to improve the material and spiritual lives of some of the poorest communities around the world.   The aim of the Haiti Project is to construct a multipurpose building to be used as a school, community centre and new church centre in the north eastern town of Ouanaminthe.  This multipurpose building will be used for the education of children and adults to help these Haitians reach their full potential and build a better future for themselves.

Let’s Stick Together.  This project, working with a national charity  Care for the Family which aims to promote strong family relationships and to help those who face family difficulties.  The work is motivated by Christian compassion, with resources and support available to everyone, of any faith or none.  The breakdown of the family unit in our Society creates hardships for the parents and their children and ‘Lets stick Together’ sessions are aimed at providing counselling, and parenting classes.

Holy Trinity have committed to providing funds in the 2015/16 Session to Street Pastors  and  Let’s Stick Together.

The Guild at Holy Trinity also contribute to other organisations within our own Church, such as Little Cherubs, the Puppet Ministry and the Garden Fund.  We contribute to the heating and lighting of the hall and give a vast amount of money to Mission and Aid.   We also commit to the affiliated organisations of the Boys and Girls Brigade.

We are a happy group of people whose total interest is in Holy Trinity Church and its needs.   We also enjoy fellowship with one another every fortnight when we meet to hear an interesting speaker or join in a fun activity.   All members of the Church and the community, young and old, men and women are invited to join us.   Look at our programme (see syllabus above) and see our diverse interests.