Holy Trinity Church, St. Andrews

linked with Boarhills & Dunino

A Parish Church of St. Andrews

Holy Trinity Church, St Andrews, is linked with Boarhills & Dunino. At this time Dunino hosts one service on Sundays at 9.45am which is led by Rev Marion Paton. Children and visitors are warmly welcomed to all services.

Dunino has been a place of worship for 1000 years. We are truly blessed to find ourselves in such a tranquil and beautiful location. For that reason many wish to marry at Dunino.

Dunino first linked then went into union with Boarhills and subsequently linked with Martyrs prior to this being dissolved due to the union between Hope Park and Martyrs.

The linkage between Holy Trinity and ourselves was a somewhat difficult and protracted affair, however is now a solid and fully supportive linkage.

Our Congregation is drawn from St Andrews and the surrounding rural communities. Although we do not have many regular children attending, our Congregation does reflect the local demography and fulfils an important role locally, allowing Christians to gather in fellowship and mutual support.

Worship generally follows a traditional format with four hymns, prayers, sermon and offering.  The recently formed choir regularly performs introits and occasional anthems guided by our enthusiastic organist in liaison with our locum minister.

Members of the congregation generally do the readings (with readers being exchanged with Holy Trinity once a month to keep our linkage), ring the church bell prior to the start of services, take up the offering and occasionally help with prayers. If necessary, the Session Clerk and elders are prepared to conduct worship in the absence of the minister in exceptional circumstances.

Services take place weekly, with special services at Christmas and Easter. Joint services with the other churches in the St Andrews cluster are arranged periodically. The Sacrament of Holy Communion is celebrated twice per year with invitations being distributed by district elders.

The organ is the principal accompaniment for church music and CH4 is the chosen hymn book.

Christian witness in attending services and visiting in the community show an active church community which has a happy and caring, but also thoughtful, approach to communicating the life and worship of the church, without any particular emphasis on age ranges involved.

The ethos of the congregation seeks to promote a commonality of purpose and openness to all involved or attending. The response to preaching and congregational life would hopefully give encouragement to all involved in following their personal faith journey, and be able to feel the support of fellow members and attenders.

An open and welcoming atmosphere in church gives a boost to the church community, and after-service coffees/teas and quite a number of community events through the year generally attract very good numbers from the congregation and wider community and are very much enjoyed by all attending.

Contact: Ken Morris (kensm48@gmail.com) for more info

Boarhills Parish Church
St. Andrews
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