Holy Trinity Church, St. Andrews

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A Parish Church of St. Andrews

The Girls Brigade in Scotland

All girls and young women are welcome at Girls’ Brigade no matter who they are, where they come from. Our members come from diverse backgrounds and from all faiths or none but what is important is that each girl is unique and has the opportunity to learn, make friends, try new challenges and grow into strong confident young women during their GB experience.

Girls’ Brigade Scotland welcomes girls and young women irrespective of faith, race, nationality or sexual orientation.

Your local company – 1st St Andrews Girls Brigade

Welcome to 1st St Andrews GB!

We meet on a Friday night during term time in Holy Trinity Church Hall, from 6pm to 7.30pm. The Girls’ Brigade is for all girls from P1 to S6. If you are interested in Girls’ Brigade, have a look at the Girls’ Brigade website, https://girls-brigade-scotland.org.uk/, or get in touch standrewsgb@yahoo.com.


We have a set weekly subscription of £1 per girl, to cover the cost of materials for activities, equipment, etc.

There is also an annual membership fee for each girl which is paid to Girls’ Brigade Scotland.; This includes insurance cover for members, programme development, training and the support services provided by GB Headquarters to all companies. This is usually £25, but while companies are running virually it has been reduced to £10.


Each section has their own uniform It is a coloured sweatshirt worn with a black skirt or trousers. The uniform has been designed to be cost effective for parents while providing a group identity. They can be bought here: https://girls-brigade-scotland.org.uk/basket/.

No girl will be turned away from GB if she doesn’t have a uniform.